Our Ministries

Ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Foley
Ecumenical Good Friday and Thanksgiving Eve Worship Services

  • Our church participates in worship services that are held in annual rotation in various churches in the Foley area, with leadership provided by clergy from the participating churches.

Funeral & Weddings in Congregation and in Community

  • Our church regularly reaches out in service and solace to many families in our community providing a beautiful site for weddings, and a comforting environment for funeral services and services of remembrance.


Christian EducationSunday School, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School, Youth and Bible Study Groups

  • Our congregation seeks to live out the baptismal vows we make together to help each person to grow spiritually as a part of the family of God by providing Christian Education “from the cradle to the grave.” Our Christian Education targets all ages – from Preschool through Senior Adults and covers a wide range of topics and themes.

Training Site for Workshops & Seminars

  • Part of our vision in building this church was to serve as a single-level, handicapped-accessible site where community groups of all kinds can meet for fellowship, training, and service. The various meeting spaces in our church accommodate a wide variety of needs, and currently, serve many different groups from our surrounding community.

Camp Clearwater – Bible Camp for Children & Adults

  • Our congregation helps to support Presbyterian Camp Clearwater, located on beautiful Clearwater Lake near Deerwood, MN (1.5 hrs away), which serves as a wonderful Christian Camp option for children of all ages, as well as a great meeting site for adults. Two lodges, numerous cabins, and sites for RV and tent camping, as well as 1,200 acres of hiking and skiing trails, canoeing, sail boating, fishing, and a challenging “high ropes course” combine to make this Christian Camp an experience of a lifetime – and one to return to year after year.


Fellowship / Nurture / Support
OASIS – Older Adults Seriously Interested In Socializing – Fellowship & Support

  • Monthly gathering of adults 55 and over to share a lunch meal at one of our local restaurants, and to grow together in friendship and fellowship. New-comers are always welcome.

Presbyterian Women – Bible Study & Fellowship

  • Presbyterian women meet monthly at the church for Bible Study and fellowship.

YUPs – Young United Presbyterians – Youth Ministry

    • Our Christian youth group’s mission statement: “Christian teens growing in their relationship with God and each other while worshiping, serving and having fun!”
    • All youth (7th -12th Grade) are welcome.
    • Meet Your Neighbor – Community Picnic in the Park
    • Annually, our congregation hosts a free picnic meal for the surrounding community in the park on Norway Drive just east of the church. All are welcome. It’s a great chance to meet neighbors and to make new acquaintances.
    • Meeting Site for Community Groups
    • Scrap-Bookers, 4-G groups, Foley Area CARE Program, Benton County Extension Service events, Child Safety & Babysitters’ Training, Preschool Screening, Conflict Resolution Training Workshops, and many other groups meet at our church to conduct their meetings and to receive training and equipping for service to their community.
    • Meeting Site for Family Reunions, Graduation Celebrations, Wedding Anniversaries.

Mission Outreach / Service-Local
Mission Work Teams – “Helping Hands” locally, nationally, & internationally

  • Our Mission Work Teams have served in 96 different projects over the past 14 years, and community members are welcome to participate
  • Benton County Case Consultation Team
  • Working with county and community leaders to determine best response options in cases of child abuse or neglect
  • CROSS Center – Christians Reaching Out in Social Service
  • Our church supports and helps to staff this local “food sheld and clothes closet” providing emergency food and clothing for families in need in Benton County.
  • Foley Area CARE Program (Community Action Respecting Elders)
  • Our church supports and provides CARE volunteers to serve our elderly population in a wide radius of Foley – helping them in numerous ways to be able to stay in their own homes as long as they are able.
  • Benton County Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council
  • Our church works in partnership with county health and law enforcement leaders to prepare our community for an effective response in the event of a major calamity.
  • CMESC Chaplaincy (Central MN Emergency Services Chaplaincy)
  • Our church actively supports the chaplaincy ministry of CMESC in its ministry of presence to the Fire, Emergency services and Law Enforcement officers and staff in Benton and Stearns counties.
  • CISM (Central MN Critical Incident Stress Management Team)
  • Our church’s pastor serves on the Central MN Regional CISM Team as they serve the Emergency Responders of our community through debriefings and follow-up counseling services after the occurrence of traumatic incidents.
  • CERT (Citizens’ Emergency Response Team)
  • A number of members of our congregation have received extensive training and certification to serve as volunteer responders on the regional CERT Team in the event of a community crisis.
  • CHIP – Citizens Helping to Inform the Public (about meth & other drugs…)
  • Our congregation works with other community volunteers and leaders to educate families within our community about the dangers of a wide variety of drugs, how to recognize their use or circulation in our community, and how to effectively respond.
  • SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program)
  • Members of our congregation work with other community members and leaders to formulate and promote initiatives relating to physical activity, nutrition, and personal health practices which will enhance the overall health and well-being of participating members of our community.
  • Habitat for Humanity – Central MN and Foley Build Project
  • Members of our congregation actively support the Central MN Habitat for Humanity projects and recently provided leadership, volunteers and funding support for the building of the first Habitat home in Foley.
  • Presbytery of MN Valleys
  • Volunteer service by pastor and congregational members on numerous Presbytery Committees and Leadership Teams.
  • Mission Work Teams

  • Our congregation’s Mission Work Team has led 5 different work projects on churches and the main office building of our Presbytery.
  • Guatemala “Living Waters” Project
  • Our congregation has contributed funding and volunteers for the completion of 5 major water purification projects in the Occidente Presbytery of Guatemala.
  • Synod – Presbyterian Camp Clearwater
  • Our congregation provides financial support and project work crews for the maintenance and upkeep of Presbyterian Clearwater Forest Church Camp.
  • General Assembly
  • Ordination Examination Reading Group – Presbyteries’ Cooperative Committee on Ordination Exams – Members of our congregation have served for years on the Cooperative Committee
  • Commissioners & Youth Advisory Delegates to General Assembly

  • In the past 12 years, our congregation has sent 1 Clergy Commissioner, 1 Elder Commissioner and 4 Youth Advisory Delegates to our denomination’s General Assembly.
  • Ecumenical

    Mission Work Teams

  • Our Mission Work Teams have served a wide variety of denominations in their service projects – extending as far as Mexico and Guatemala, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming – and as close as the Habitat home in virtually our own back yard.
  • Board of Institute for Ecumenical & Cultural Research – St. Johns / Collegeville, MN
  • Our congregation has, for years, been actively represented through one of our members on the Board of the Institute for Ecumenical & Cultural Research – St. Johns / Collegeville, MN
  • International
  • Mission Work Teams – Guatemala “Living Waters” Project


Elements, Principles & Disciplines for Effective Ministry
As a congregation that seeks to live out its mission statement and purpose faithfully each day, we believe that to accomplish our goals, we need to incorporate “key elements, principles, and disciplines” in our everyday life. Key Elements Crucial to Healthy Ministry

  1. Worship
  2. Instruction
  3. Fellowship
  4. Outreach

Key Principles for Implementation

  1. Prayer
  2. Word
  3. Commitment
  4. Care
  5. Commission

Key Disciplines for Discipleship

  1. Devotion
  2. Well-Being
  3. Relationships
  4. Fellowship
  5. Stewardship
  6. Ministry / Mission / Outreach
  7. Work / Vocation / Service