Our Mission

First Presbyterian Church of Foley, MN

Concerning Our Faith, Our Vision, Our Mission and Call to Service

our mission first Presbyterian church Foley mn

We, the Church, are the Body of Christ in our world, call by Christ to faithfully proclaim God’s message of salvation to all who will listen, and to act out God’s will by ministering to the whole person – including their spiritual, emotional and material needs, so that fullness of life can be realized by the recreating power of the Holy Spirit in the here-and-now.

Through Jesus Christ, we are a new community, encouraging relationships of trust and openness, welcoming all people, and seeking to model the purpose of God for all humanity.

We are a worshipping community…

  • Acknowledging God’s purposes in the world
  • Recognizing our complete dependence on God’s grace and power through the Holy Spirit
  • Identifying ourselves with Christians in every time and culture
  • Offering ourselves in responce to God’s claims
  • Rededicating ourselves to Christ’ service

We are a serving community…

  • Aware of the destructive power of human sin
  • Sensitive to the fact that all people are created in the image of God
  • Committed in our determination to relieve human suffering and to attack the causes of injustice
  • Seeking partnership with other parts of the Body of Christ
  • Reaffirming our calling to the work of mercy, justice and peace to which our Lord has called us

We are a witnessing community…

  • Demonstrating in our life together the inclusive Body of Christ
  • Inviting all people to believe and follow Jesus Christ
  • Offering a fellowship in which people can grow in faith
  • Recommitting ourselve to be faithful disciples in our world

Therefore, we at First Presbyterian Church of Foley gather as a dynamic community of Christian believers to…

  • Worship and celebrate the Good News
  • Provide a spiritual environment which encourages personal commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Enrich person faith through study, prayer and fellowship
  • Nurture and care with love and maturity for individuals and families day by day
  • Participate in the work of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Church universal
  • Proclaim our Christian faith through works of love and justice in this community and in our world
  • Accept change and face risks to promote continuing spiritual growth – glorifying and enjoying God forever!

Mission Statement

We, the community of believers at First Presbyterian Church of Foley, seeking to model the purpose of God, are called to minister to all in need, spread Christian love, and faithfully proclaim the message of salvation to all who will listen.

Priority Statements

  1. Worship – To provide an inspiring and uplifting music and worship ministry that utilizes different styles, times and options for worship and involvement
  2. Youth Ministry – To provide our youth with dynamic, engaging and inspriational learning experiences that connect Christian principles with meaningful, real-life application
  3. Participation / Member Involvement – To provide a wide range of opportunities for all to share their passion and interest through their ideas, skils and gifts. Encourage active participation